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We Make It Our Business to Help YOU FORM YOUR BUSINESS


About Our Company

Form-A-Texas-Business is owned and operated by The McFarlin Firm, located in Dallas, Texas.  Ryan McFarlin is the principal attorney for the firm and has over 16 years experience in civil litigation and business transactional experience.

Super Lawyer – Rising Star 2020

National Trial Lawyers – Top 100

Determined to be more accessible to entrepreneurial Texans, Form-A-Texas-Business was formed to help small businesses reach that next level without dealing with stuffy and formal (and thereby expensive) law firms.


Whether you need help understanding the differences between LLCs and Corporations, drafting and executing a Company or Partnership Agreement, or getting your IRS EIN/Tax ID Number, we’ve got services you need to make a solid legal foundation for your business.                                         

Though we can perform (and advise on) most of the tasks associated with the legal side of a business start-up, we can also connect you with our amazing assortment of contacts in the legal industry for the more specialized or unique issues.  


Solutions for Your Business


Look, you don’t have to form a business entity to run your business. You can continue to operate as a sole proprietorship (the default) most of the time without issue. But do you drive your car without insurance? Do you lay out in the sun all day without sunscreen? At some point, you’re going to get burned. Incorporating or forming a Limited Liability Company is basically like buying insurance that will protect an owner in a lot of situations.  There are other benefits like saving on taxes, providing certainty and structure for the operations, and even providing a certain image and credibility to the public.


Tired of speaking with a receptionist or scheduler to try to find a time to speak with a lawyer?  Tire of the back-and-forth emails? See our calendar online.  Figure out what date and time works best for you and then book it online!  


We believe in being direct with our pricing from the get-go.  When you go on Amazon wanting to buy a coffee mug, do you go find the mug, set an appointment with the seller to talk about the mug, show up in-person and talk about the mug, and THEN get the price for the mug?  No.  And we’re tired of operating like that too.  

things to consider


(Limited liability company)

An LLC is a business entity owned by a “member” rather than a partner or shareholder.  LLCs are great because they can limit the personal liability to the member/owner. Also, new members can be easily added or removed. Lots of flexibility in how to operate the business.



A corporation is a business entity owned by “shareholders” rather than a member or partner. Yes, shares are issued just like for the stock market (though they are not publicly traded). More formal business structure with a President, VP, etc. More administrative requirements like a board of directors. May be taxed twice depending on election.


(General, Limited, or LLP)

A partnership is a business arrangement between 2 or more owners or “partners.” While a general partnership is probably one of the most common types of businesses, there aren’t many liability protections.  A limited partnership or limited liability partnership may provide similar protections as an LLC or corporation without some of the administrative headaches and regulations.


(TAX ID # or ein)

An Employer Identification Number is a unique number assigned by the Federal IRS (don’t confuse this with the Texas Sales Tax Number) to identify the tax accounts of certain businesses, even if there are no employees. Think of the EIN like a social security number for the business. Most banks will request your IRS EIN when opening a bank account or line of credit.